Guard Rails

Guard Rails

Guard rail, also known as restraining rail or check rail, is used to reduce curve wear, and prevent wheels from changing its direction by holding them in correct alignment. It is used in special trackwork, in sharp curves and in areas with restrictive clearance such as bridges and tunnels.

The 33C1 rail, which is also referred to as the UIC33 or U69 or RL-160, can be used as a guard rail to protect frog points or as a restraining rail. This rail profile is produced according to the European specification EN 13674 and can be supplied in four different steel grades.

Basic Dimensions

ProfilesWeightHead widthHeight Base width Web
33C1 (UIC33, U69, RL1-60) 32.9966.5080.003.1593.003.6640.001.5720.000.79
SBB Radlenker40.5681.7780.003.15104.004.0940.001.5720.000.79

Mechanical properties

GradeTensile Strength
R200≥ 680≥ 14200 - 240
R260≥ 880≥ 10260 - 300
R320Cr≥ 1080≥ 9320 - 360
R350≥ 1120≥ 8350 - 390