The main rail sections we have readily available are the tee rail, light rail, crane rail, girder rail, contact rail, and guard rail.

Wirth Rail also offers other types of rails and rail accessories not mentioned on this website. For more information, please contact us.

Girder rails

Girder rails are widely used on transit authority systems in the embedded track portion of the line. The most popular girder rail sections are listed in the following table. See more »

Crane rails - American profile

Crane Rails, American profiles, are rolled to the ASTM A759/2000 technical specification. These rails can be offered in standard grade or with head hardened. See more »

Crane rails - European profile

Crane Rails, European profiles, are rolled to the DIN 536/1991 technical specification and can be offered in three different steel grades. See more »

Tee rails & Light rails

Tee rail sections are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from transit authority systems to Heavy haul railways.
Light rail sections (85 lb/yd and less) are used for mining, industrial, and crane applications. See more »

Guard rails

The guard rail is used in many different applications in order to keep the wheel in correct alignment when approaching a switch. See more »

Contact rails

Contact rails, also known as third rails, are used in public transit system as a power rail. We produce them according to customer’s technical specification. See more »


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