WELCOME to Wirth Rail Corporation

Since 1993, M.F. Wirth Rail Corporation has been dedicated to supplying on time the highest quality rail (Tee, Crane, Girder, Contact, and Guard rails) to heavy haul railways and mass transit authorities as well as to a wide variety of industries in North and South America.

Working closely with the rail mills, Wirth Rail ensures that its customers get the quality products they need and the service they deserve.

Most of Wirth Rail's offered sections are produced to latest standard specifications or to specific customer requirements in fully integrated ISO 9001 certified rail mills, made from virgin iron in vacuum degassed, continuous casting processes. Rails are subjected to visual, ultrasonic, line straightness, dimensional tolerances, and end straightness inspections, depending on it's specification.

The rails are then prepared for timely shipment, transported and delivered by With Rail to the customer's storage yard of job site in desired lenghts or in CWR stings.

M.F. Wirth Rail Corporation
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